Today we chat to Steve Bennett in relation to his gigs and have a look at his show in this years Galway Comedy Festival

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1. Who are you?

I’m Steve Bennett


2. Your part of the Galway Comedy Festival this year, what dates are you playing?

One night only on Thursday October 24th


3. what is your show about? 

In Bits is about getting over the break-up hangover. It’s fun and silly but it’s about something real, that’s my favourite type of show.


4. Your comedy is really good from what we saw online, what is your favourite joke or song?

My personal favourite is a song about really trying to get back out there and meet new people, but it doesn’t quite work.


5. Worst comedy gig you ever done?

Probably in France. I was living there last year teaching English. The crowd were 40% non English speakers and were facing sideways, eating dinner during my set. It was excruciating.


6. Are you on the comedy scene long, and how did you get into comedy?

I started out with NUIG comedy soc in Galway in first year of college. I’ve been gigging here and there for a few years but I only started taking it more seriously before the Edinburgh Fringe last year.


7. Is there any show you’re hoping to go to yourself in Galway this year?

I’d love to see Set List as part of the Galway Comedy Festival, where comedians get told what they’ll be talking about live on stage.


8. We have a Dad Jokes theme weekly, do you have a good Dad joke?

Get a real job and stop embarrassing our family.


9. Are you on Twitter?



10. Do you have a Facebook page?



11. Whats your YouTube page?

You can find me by searching Steve Bennett Comedy


13. If you won the lotto what’d you do first?

I’d get greedy and buy about 500,000 more tickets.


14. Are you tempted to make a music video like Miley Cyrus?

Oh sure, I actually have one planned! I’ll let you know when it’s ready.


15. What gigs do you have lined up next?

The next one is the Galway comedy festival gig on the 24th. Then there’ll be more gigs on my website


16. Do you have any questions for us?

So are you going to wire me the money for this interview or do you send me a cheque?


Many thanks and best of luck to Steve in his coming shows. Have a gander at some of his funnies here





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