A newly released video created by the fast-growing journalism website ‘The News Hub’ is gaining popular traction across the Internet since it’s widespread release this week. The prank video depicts an unsuspecting member of the British public at the centre of nationwide search for The Queen’s corgis. You can watch the video on the below link. 




The Set Up of the Prank:

To an unsuspecting general public casually enjoying a drink at a London bar, the man and woman meet with the 3 corgis and start having a heated discussion in a foreign language before the man storms off and the woman is left alone.

At this point, the public are completely unaware that these are The Queen’s corgis and can only think that they have witnessed a couple having an argument. The woman has no choice but to chase after her partner in crime and this is where the prank really begins.

As you can imagine, what happens next is breath-taking. We can only feel sorry for the man holding the adorable dogs. 

 What would you do if this happened? Would you take the dogs? Or would there be a puddle next to the chair when the Police arrive? You can blame that one on the dog at least…..


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