Dublin City traffic stood to a stand still as an angry Swan protested on the M50 Motorway.


SWAN m50 2








Locally named as Simon Pegg by insiders. He took to the road at approximately 7:30am to ruin people’s Fridays feelings.
People driving along the road were stunned to see Simon on the road. It is believed he was angry about a local man deciding to get rid of a pond he had in his back garden for that past 6 years.
He use to eat the Koi fish and after thousands of money eaten the local home owner had enough.
When asked why Simon was on the M50 causing a stir he shouted to the Gardai that he was entitle to ‘swan’ about.

swan 2









After much debating, Simon eventually made a run for it, only to be caught by the Gardai.
Thankfully Simon is now in custody and will be dealing with the old ‘bill’.
Rock on Simon,Rock on

















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