US President Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama


US President Barack Obama was in Ghana this week in his first visit to sub-saharan Africa as US president. Adressing a crowd estimated by some observers to be “at least 600 million deep” and broadcasting live on television to “literally everyone else in the world” President Obama made a radical depature from his usual message and spoke at length about how he hopes for change in Africa. Speaking to the crowd he said “We’ll, y’know….my father….came from Africa…so….y’know….I understand….and I share your hopes for change. Things can’t change….if you don’t have hope…and if you don’t have hope then y’know…you can’t change.”


MSNBC decidely "Pro-bama"

MSNBC decidely “Pro-bama”


President Obama arrived in Ghana aboard Air Force One to a massively positive media reception, the Pro-Obama MSNBC news network described his arrival as “an immaculate landing” and “beyond textbook”. Their correspondent was heard to remark off camera “the way the sun hit the plane when it was landing it looked like a majestic eagle swooping down to drag away ignorance and lay the eggs of change”


He knows when you've been sleeping, he knows when you're awake

He knows when you’ve been sleeping, he knows when you’re awake


On his way to make his speech President Obama stopped to cure the sick and feed the poor. He also brought presents for all the good little girls and boys and coal for the bold boys and girls who didn’t believe in President Obama. Obama was realistic about the challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa “have hope in the face of adversity…because y’know only hope can lead to change…yes you can.” He then threw handfuls of sweets to the crowd.


Obama locates surplus stocks of food.

Obama locates surplus stocks of food.


As he prepared to leave Ghana Obama stopped by the Ghanian ministry of fishing and agriculture.While he was there he was miraculously able to locate surplus stocks of food for the people of Ghana. Members of Obama’s P.R machine have been chronicling his travels and plan to release the story of Obamas time as President and the joy he brought to the people of the world containing in great detail the miraculous events of his trip to the holy land and Ghana.


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