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Today we meet with Joanna Ryde and ask all about Comedy!


1. Who are you?

Heyiz. I’m Joanna but you can call me JoJo (although most people call me easy). I’m originally from Finglas in Dublin but living it up in Waterford, Ireland’s answer to Abu Dhabi without the oil. Working hard in the international superstar business and can mostly be found on the radio on Beat 102 103 or thinking I’m only the image of Britney in venues around the country. Can also regularly be found in a heap outside Abrakebabra after a good night out.


2. How Long have you been involved in comedy for?

I’ve always been gas. It just comes naturally although I first took to the stage in 2005. Just over a year later I was Alternative Miss Ireland. I know that’s hard to believe what with me looking so young.


3. You do a lot of radio work, how did you get involved in that?

I’ve done a few radio interviews over the years and so when I was about to get cut off the dole, I thought if I did a course they’d lay off for a bit and radio was the easiest choice. The course was with Beat 102 103 and they clearly thought I was gas coz they asked me to start doing reports for the breakfast show. I work there now. I didn’t even have to sleep with anyone.


4. What’s the future got for Joanna Ryde?

Jayzis I wish I knew. I’m hoping TV3 gimme a ring. I’d look deadly on 3e. I’d like to do a bit more writing and I enjoy the radio stuff too. I wouldn’t mind a week in Dubai at some stage.


5. Who would you duet with if you could?

Samantha Mumba has been mad for a duet for a while so I’d be up for that. I wouldn’t mind doing a duet with One Direction if it meant I could grab a few sneaky feels.


6. Have you a `#DadJoke you could tell us?

Did you hear about the Italian chef that died? He pasta way!


7. Do you have a facebook page?

I do –


8. Are you on Twitter?

I am! @Joannaryde #talktojojo


9. Do you have any gigs lined up soon?

I’ve moved from a weekly to monthly residence in Dignity Bar Waterford to travel around more. I’ll be there on October 26th and in The Dolmen in Carlow on November 2nd hosting Beat 102 103’s first ever dating night! Bring on the lols.


10. Do you have a question for us?

Are you up for the ride?

No, we can’t we are like a Ken doll down there…. 


Many thanks to Joanna Ryde for the interview and Keep Laughin’

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