Irish Heat wave is coming…are you ready?

With record highs mentioned, and we don’t mena from a few stoners but actually hot weather due this weekend we want to give you a few tips on surving the summer’s sun.

1. Never look at the sunshine

After the June bank holiday it was reported that a local man, who will not be named (J.Smith) looked at the sunshine, and it got scared and went away to Brazil. After much persuading it has agreed to come back, so please don’t scare it again!








2. Make sure to look after your Ice Cream

As pictures in this post, the last time we had the summer in June ice cream vans melted away. So please look after this one!

3. Avoid riots on beaches

The local beach was the place to be, with Tiesto blaring off many mobile phones around the country, and of course Linda Martins ‘Get Lucky’ the hit of the summer we recommend you bring ear plugs to your local beach. If a riot kicks off please use the following self defence methods from Darren Gibbs – Click here (Kaboom Here)

4. Sun Cream Is good, Sun burn is bad

To survive Irish people for years heard of a magical cream that protected you from the salmon red tinted skin, its called Sun Cream we suggest you use it!

Don’t be a silly Billy like this chap…












With these tips you should be ok!


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