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Ladies and Gentlemen, as promised, here is my post on Day 2 of the Blogger Challenge.

*Cue lightening and generic heavy metal music*

blogger challenge

Today’s task is to write a post on a sentimental item.

I can do that, can’t I?

…Shouldn’t I remove the lightening?


So, here we go.

Sentimental item: My Mother’s engagement ring.

As I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post, my Mother passed away when I was ten years old and at this time my Father decided to keep both her wedding and engagement rings for my sister and I when we got older.

However, I decided I wanted to wear the engagement ring there and then. I was told repeatedly that I was too young and to wait until I was older. However, I cried and pleaded and finally he gave in; I was allowed to wear the ring.

It sounds corny and silly but I really did feel that through wearing the ring I was that little tiny bit closer to my Mother…

…Well, that and the fact I was going through a huge Lord of The Rings phase at the time.

Even though it swamped my tiny ten year old finger, I wore it everyday.

Until one day at school, where one of the kitchen staff bent down and enquired where I got my beautiful ring. I told them proudly that it belonged to my Mammy.

“Awk God love you. You poor wee thing!” Came the reply.

Hearing this, more kitchen staff huddled around me. Each of them looking at me with pity and sadness.


I had never seen this look before.

I hated it.

I decided there and then that I didn’t want to wear the ring anymore.

I went home, gave it to my Father and told him I no longer wanted to wear it because it was too big.

I didn’t tell him it was because of the look people gave me when wearing it.

I only started wearing the ring again this year.

However, this time I wear it proudly on my middle finger.

middle finger

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