So I’ve decided to take the September Blogging Challenge. Apparently this trend is big with those in the Beauty Blogasphere. Unfortunately I am desperately unfamiliar with anything remotely beauty blogging orientated and so with that in mind, bear with me. -I’m familiar only with kebabs, cursing and stupid drawings.

I decided to undertake the challenge simply because I am a bad blogger. There. I said it.

Some folk are bad parents, some are bad drivers, others bad people. Me? Bad blogger.

bad blogger

Even though I really want to blog regularly I do struggle. So my thinking is that through this challenge, I can force myself to post every day and perhaps become a better blogger.

Here goes nothin’…

Day 1: ’Recent purchases’

I actually haven’t bought anything today partly ‘cos I only have 15p to my name but that’s beside the point…

Yesterday I took a trip to ASDA to get some food having moved out and now fending for myself… the boyfriend and the wee sister. The three of us reside in a pokey student flat in Belfast, where the days are spent making shitty cups of tea, watching soul-crushingly bad TV and closing the blinds to avoid the steely gaze of a young Romanian kid who shits on the street opposite. Just the general day-to-day student activities, really.

In order to maintain the energy for such rigorous activities, one must feed and feed we do.

So with this mind, the weekly shopping basket was filled with nutritious wonders, such as: 3 pizzas, 1 monster-sized bag of pasta, 2 garlic bread baguettes and 1 packet of the old fashioned, retro favourites- chicken dippers.

Most of which is now in my belly.

recent purch




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