Heineken have launched their latest campaign, but with a twist.


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It is called ‘Stage Fright’. Staring UFC Athlete Conor McGregor, TV personality Jennifer Maguire, and former Rugby legend Shane Byrne all showing off their skills.



Inspired by the hidden legend talents of these celebs, the general public got an opportunity to share their talents. So up-stepped the iceman sculptor, the hula hoop girl, the legendary Mr. Spoon, The keepy upper, The blind Rubix, The human robot…to name a few. They thought they were coming to the Mill Theatre in Dundrum to perform in front of a camera …alone. They were in for a fright.

Have a look and see what happened, as anyone who has ever stepped on a stage or had to do a talk to a group of people will know it can be frightening.


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We say fair play to these talented folk, and we will keep you posted on what happens next.





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