We speak to Danny ‘Mat hatters’ Dowling about this weekends most anticipated Comedy gig – The Showdown.
Having gone to a few of them ourselves we loved them, and the guys in the Roisin Dubh put on a superb night.


What is the Showdown?

The Stand Up Showdown is a really hardcore form of knock out comedy. It’s like a Gong show on drugs, it can be brutal or brilliant depending on if you win or loose.

The comedians get paired for the first round and take the mic for 2 minutes each. At the end of the two minutes both are brought on stage where the crowd decides who stays and who goes. That effectively knocks out 8 comedians straight away. Next round 3 minutes, same deal the crowd decides who stays who goes 8 becomes 4. The next round the final 4 comics have 4 minutes. This leaves us with 2 for the final of 5 minutes. Final vote and you are left with one comic dreaming of a career and a slot in the Galway Comedy Festival.



Why is it one of the comedians favourite gig?

It’s not a normal night, we have big screens, music pumping and it’s very fast paced. The truth is it’s not often you get to gig with a large amount of comics unless you are on some shit bill in Rosscommon. The comedians are all up for it. The slagging starts very early, normally a week before the gig. It continues during and after the show. It’s also a great test of material, timing and winning a crowd over. Some will buckle some will shine. Like everything we do in the Róisín we ensure everyone has a good time, a very good time. Most of the comics will have the fear for at least three days after, one will need topical cream.


When is it?

This Saturday the 28th of Septemeber in the Róisín Dubh. Tickets are €5 which includes a free pint of Bulmers.


What do they win?

A slot on a very special gig in the Galway Comedy Festival. I know which one, but we are leaving that till the night. Put it this way I nearly entered as I want to be on that bill. It’s worth the pain trust me,



Have you ever seen someone get knocked out that surprised you? 

Yes every single time we run one of these it happens. You get a bolter who just takes the beast by the nuts and squeezes them. I have never picked the winner. How could I it’s not upto me it’s upto the crowd.


If you had a ‘Dad Joke’ to tell, what would it be?

If you have fat friends, there are no see saws in the playground only catapults. – Demetri Martin


To go to this event please see our listing here and tickets can be bought on the night for only €5 and you get a FREE pint of Bulmers so enjoy the night folks!


Many thanks to Danny for the above and we hope the night goes well for you.



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