So we are thrilled in the Comedy Ireland HQ yet again as we have now got added to the ‘Short list’ of Humour Blogs in this years Blog Awards.

For us this means a lot to us as it has encouraged us to continue our work and we have added more content to the site with the new arrival of ‘Baby Batman’ which is another superb addition for us. 

Not wanting to promote only ourselves we want you to check out the people who have also got shortlisted and wish them all the very best. 

They are the following,

Worth Doing Badly

with all the finesse of a badger

The Mire

Red Lemonade


Keelan Foley

Fast Picture Show

J D Gallagher

Honest to blog

Head Rambles

Equestrian Reality

At the clothesline

Cherrysue Doin the Do

Belfast Dad

Please do support local Irish bloggers and Comedians as it can mean a lot to their careers, and the Blog Award website by clicking here 

Keep Laughin’

Comedy Ireland 



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