So this week Roy Keane has been making waves in the media.

Most of it is all about football, however some of it is him just venting. This is nice to see, but is also refreshing to know we are all the same as Roy….aren’t we?

On Page 214 (Things that annoy Roy) is a list which he mentions a few home truths.

  • Water Meters.
  • The Zoo (Can never get parking close to the entrance)
  • Buses (Always full and go past me, eh I am Roy lad)
  • Paying for plastic bags.
  • Cars not indicating
  • Children Laughing
  • Children Crying
  • Children Annoying me
  • Children asking me to play chasing with them
  • Clowns (Robbie Savage)
  • When it rains
  • When it is too sunny
  • Shaving
  • People mentioning my beard
  • Beards on other people (Mine is the best)
  • Money
  • Coins
  • Laser cards
  • Pigeons
  • Cats eating pigeons
  • Madonna
  • Madonna pissing in the shower

Some list for one list from Roy.

Make sure to let us know if you know any other things that might annoy Roy.

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