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Adventures of a Stand-Up Comedian Supporting Motor Mouth Jones

As a kid my favourite films were the Police Academy series- they just seem to define the 80’s for me. Mention these films to most people of a certain age and you’re sure to see a smile spread across their face. Some of the scenes remain as clear in my mind as ever; Harris and Procter walking into the Blue Ostyer, or Lassard being almost knocked off course during his speech by a lady hiding under the table. It was saucy and a bit juvenile but by Jesus did it make me laugh. The characters were strong, identifiable and so memorable- High Tower, Tackleberry, Mahoney and Larvel Jones. Larvel also affectionately known as Motor Mouth Jones is arguably the most memorable character from the series.

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As a child I remember watching and thinking- ‘how the hell does he do that?’ and ‘I wish I could do that’. Even now I think about the craic I could have had creating pure havoc in school. Movies like Police Academy inspired in me a desire to make people laugh. So there I was attempting just that last Wednesday in Navan of all places. A wee section of my comedy life coming full circle, as I got to support the legendary Michael Winslow aka Motor Mouth Jones on his current Irish tour. To say I was excited to get this gig was a bit of an understatement. There’s not many events in life that could cause you to walk around singing ‘Citizens on Patrol’ for the day. Yet that’s how I felt, like one of those citizens from Police Academy 4, who were asked to join the force and have the time of their lives along the way. Such was the demand to see Michael Winslow do his thing in real life, that two shows were run in the one night. That meant I was warming up the crowd for the man himself twice in the one night.


The room in The Central at first glance looked like it should not work – long and thin resembling a corridor in an old hotel. However the room turned out to be one of the best I’ve performed in. I got on stage and although initially nervous because of the shape of the room, within seconds I knew that these gigs were going to be a treat. The crowd were 100% up for it- they were there to listen and to laugh. And laugh they did – they were so full of anticipation and enthusiasm for what was ahead that they were the very best companions a comedian can have. They were attentive and responsive, eager and engaged and just so up for it. And I simply took full advantage ( as you do!!) As for Mr. Winslow, he had the audience under his spell right from the get go.


His ability to do just about anything with his voice never failed to both amaze and confuse all those present. His sounds are not just similar to the thing he is mimicking-they sounds exactly like it.. People were literally in tears as he recreated the sounds that have got him into trouble on aeroplanes and as he demonstrated how he gets free stuff from supermarkets with a simple bleep!The guy builds entire routines around this amazing talent. His show is amazing. He teaches the audience some of these sound effects and encourages them to bring these sounds into their everyday lives. So if you find yourself in Navan in the next few weeks and people are mimicking aeroplanes or pretending to be some form of wildlife, then don’t worry they’re not mental, it’s just that Jonesy was in town. Apparently he can do 10,000 different sounds and voices, so one has to ask how and why?


Michael’s father was in the American air force and he grew up right near the run way on an airbase. He has said that since he was an infant, before he could even talk, he was listening to fighter jets take off and land almost in his front garden. He describes how one day his mother was washing dishes when she heard a jet fly through the front of the house. She gasped as her life flashed in front of her and then miraculously it all went quiet again. She slowly opened her eyes and turned around to see a toddler Michael standing there with a smile on his face, and the rest as they say, is history.


So as another comedy adventure came to an end, I prepared to head off in to the night with my head full of laughter and all I had learned. As I was walked out the door, some guy came up to me and in typical Irish fashion said “sure Tescos won’t know what hit ’em tomorrow….bleep bleep” We all take different things from the same experience I guess!


Many thanks to Kevin for his superb piece, and what a legend to open up for! To find out more about Kevin please do follow him on Facebook here 

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