Hello lovely people. We are feeling pumped about tonights Web Awards which we managed to get to the Final in. And wanted to say hello to one of the true greats of American Comedy.

Stephen Rosenfield runs the American Comedy Institute

We asked him a few questions












How did you get into comedy?

I was forced into it

When did you start up your training?

Comedians started coming to me to help them with both their writing and  performing during the big comedy boom here in the 80’s

You specialise in helping people become better comedians, do you find it hard to do?

I find it hard not to do. I love it

Have you ever met anyone who just wasn’t funny during your time?

Rarely. I believe “sense of humor” is an accurate description. I believe that humor is a human sense like sense of smell, sight, touch, etc

Would you have any advice for comedians starting up?

Look for the opportunities around you to write and perform comedy

If an Irish comedian was to try and make it in America, what advice would you give them?

Talk slower than you’re used to talking. Here in New York there are comedians from all over the world and if you have strong material you will do well here

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we are!  https://www.facebook.com/AmericanComedyInstitute

Are you on Twitter?

Yes, we are! @americancomedy

Do you have any questions for us?  

Yes. What did the bishop say to the hooker?

Depends, was it before or after he had lewd acts with her? If before, he said ‘Nobody can know about this, and you charge how much for that? Sure Sister Mary does that for….eh I mean. And after, he most likely said ‘ This never happened…’ 


Many thanks to Stephen for being so kind with his time and we highly recommend going to see him in New York, if or when you get a chance.


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